Ron Bishop

Ron is living in London, Ontario with his wife Annette and family. Ron has kept fish since he was 12 years of age. Starting in the hobby with livebearers and cichlids with his Dad. They worked up to a large operation until school took over.

Ron has been a member of the London Aquaria Society for many years. Ron has been the president of the London Aquaria Society for over 10 years and still hanging on. Received the CARES Person of the Year Award from the London Aquaria Society.

A certified Judge for CAOAC and holding the position of President for CAOAC. Has received the following CAOAC Awards, Intermediate Breeders Certificate, African Rift Lake Cichlids Basic Merit, Livebearers Basic Merit. Also this year Annette and Ron received the Hobbyist of the Year Award.

Showing and Auctioning and just generally helping other clubs is a goal that he has set for himself. He likes to talk about the hobby to anyone that will listen.

Ron’s talks are about gadgets that help make the hobby more cost friendly and a talk about showing and judging fish. Both these talks are a hands on presentation.

Contact Ron by e-mail, phone 519-457-7907

 FEES: Negotiable.

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