Paul Mansfield

Paul has been keeping fish for well over 40 years and thankfully he says he has got better at it as he got older. A Brit now living in Canada he retired early from my job on the Railway over there to do what he wanted to do which was work in an Aquatic Store. Paul worked at Shotgate Aquatics in Essex, England for several years as Tropical Manager which was consistently voted into the Top 40 fish stores in Britain. He has been a member of Southend and Corringham aquatic Societies and swears by the FBAS judging system. Now living in Saskatchewan and an active member of Regina A.S. he is a keen exponent of Animal Rights and would love to see Dyed Fish and "Betta Bowls" become illegal.

Paul offers a plethora of Club talks which include:

  • What on Earth is a Cichlid Tank

  • Identifying Corydoras

  • Rainbowfish

  • Understanding & Pronouncing scientific names

  • The Cichlids of Lake Malawi

  • The Cichlids of Lake Tanganyika

  • A Concise overview of Catfish

  • Loaches and Botias

  • Beauty without cruelty

  • Plecs suitable for the aquarium L001 - L100

  • Plecs suitable for the aquarium L101 - L200

  • Auction tips and tricks

  • Showing Fishes

  • Fishkeeping myths that refuse to die.

  • Team Quiz (Multiple choice)

I also have a few more talks in the pipeline. Paul can be contacted by e-mail or (306) 949-7658.


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