Ken Boorman

Ken, is originally from Australia, but is now living in Chatham, Ontario with his wife Lisa and their daughter Kathleen. Ken has kept fish for over 50 years. A good part of this time he has dedicated exclusively to collect, keep and breed Australia and New Guinea native fishes in his numerous home aquariums. These fish belonging to several families. He has been a member of the Australian New Guinea Fishes Association for many years and is currently the North American President for that group. He is also President of the Chatham-Kent Aquarium Society and has been active in CAOAC. He will be familiar to many people as the person who operates Lisa's Lair Bookstore. He is well-read on most aquarium and terrarium subjects.

The title of Ken's talks include: 
The New Guinea Rainbowfish Aquarium
Australian Aquarium Fish (other than rainbows and blue-eyes)
Australian Rainbowfish and Blue-Eyes

Aquatic Invasive Species of Ontario

Freshwater Fishes for Nano Aquariums

Ken has made presentations at many Canadian and an increasing number of United States clubs. 
Contact Ken via e-mail ( or by phone (519) 352 5573. 
Fees: Negotiable but usually includes: airfare or a tank of gas, appropriate meal's and accommodation if necessary.


A.N.G.F.A. North American Co-ordinator
C.A.O.A.C. Vice President
F.A.A.S. Board Member
Chatham-Kent Aquarium Society President
Ken and Lisa Boorman
33 Courtyard Walk
Chatham, Ont.
N7L 5S3


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