Jim Robinson

Jim Robinson BA MSc ED.
-Married in 1970 to his wife Linda (the most patient, forgiving person in the world
-3 children (Julie, Cam & Danny) & 4 grandchildren & another on the way (Christopher, Joshua, Logan, Devon)
-Retired teacher
-In Tropical fish since 1970
-Spawned over 850 spp. of fish & propagated over 180 spp. of aquatic plants
-Works with over 650 aquariums in a specially constructed underground 'bunker'
-Written many articles for Local, National & International Clubs
-Written articles for TFH & FAMA (spawning Synodontis) (spawning Altum angels).
-Internet business- Aqualog Books, Fish & Plants
-Spoken throughout US & Canada at clubs & conventions (AKA, ALA, OCA, CRLCA, ACA, CKA, FAAS)
-Judge for AKA, CAOAC, ALA, FAAS, ACA.

In general, I can speak on most “fishy” topics provided that I have enough advance notice (2 - 3 months) with the exceptions of: Reef Tanks, Salt Water Fish, Barbs & Characins. I feel that I do not have enough experience in these areas to answer detailed questions. I do have a number of "Canned Talks" that I do frequently and can have ready with a 2 weeks’ notice. I never give exactly the same talk twice so I do need some time to make changes. Fees are negotiable. I request only 2 things:

(1) no money comes out of my pocket for the privilege of speaking to your club (expenses, ie. Travel, lodging, meals). (My wife’s mandate! I’d probably pay you to talk fish!). I would prefer to bivouac at someone's home & eat home-cooked meals anyway. Visiting with fellow hobbyists and staying up ‘til 5:00 AM talking fish is optional.
(2) a year's membership to your club.

I gear all of my talks to the type of folks in attendance, whether beginner or experienced. Just let me know.

Topics: Killies, Plants, Cichlids, Catfish, Livebearers, Judging, Spawning Problem Fish, Live & Prepared Foods
Contact Info: phone 905 822-0441 email orchidnutz@gmail.com

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