Ann Marie Towell

Ann Marie aka “fishclubgirl” started fishkeeping at a very young age by feeding soap flakes to a plastic goldfish until her parents relented and got her a fish tank. They’ve regretted it ever since and have encouraged her to take up gambling instead. Currently corresponding secretary and HAP chair of Canadian Association of Aquarium clubs, vice president and auction chair of the Calgary Aquarium Society as well as a member of the International Betta Congress and Betta Breeders Canada, she participates in HAP, BAP and any other acronym that can be found in the aquatic hobby. Also a skilled and entertaining auctioneer, she also should learn to sit on her hands at meetings!!! Unable to grow house plants, she concentrated on aquatic plants and has over 100 species and quite happily will mispronounce all their Latin names. Her breeding specialties are wild bettas that don’t breed, rare but prolific livebearers, and seems to breed angelfish as an afterthought. Her talks are the International Betta Congress Species Maintenance program on wild bettas, frugal fishkeeping , touring Florida fish farms and simple planted tanks. She has been called an “idiot savant” fishkeeper and is quite proud of that.

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