2019 Convention Speakers Bio's


Stephen Elliott

Steve Elliott is the president of the IKGH guppy organization with more than 40 members from more than 20 countries across the world. With this comes considerable knowledge and an understanding of the guppy standards and rules and requirements of IKGH shows. Steve has also taken part as a judge at several World Guppy Contests and has been respected as the lead judge at some. Steve will deliver a talk about the identification and coding of guppies for show classification and will be available to discuss all aspects of the hobby during the weekend. He was also involved with a conservation organization at the London Zoo and became the Chairman of the Halfbeak sub group. Most fresh water livebearers are found in Central America, but the halfbeak comes from Asia which makes it very different and very interesting. As chairman of the halfbeak group a keen interest was developed in this special live bearing group of fishes and many were kept and bred by Steve.

His knowledge and experience will be presented in his talk on Halfbeaks.

Andreas Tanke

Andreas Tanke is an aquarium hobbiest for more than 40 years. He has had in his youth his first contacts with aquaristics through his parents. At about 10 years old, he got his first own tank and started to gain his first experiences with our exciting hobby. In the 1990s, due to his studies in mathematics / computer science and the founding of his IT company, other things came to the fore. But like many others, so he also returned to the aquarium hobby.

After his first experiences in 2002 in the Usenet newsgroup de.rec.tiere.aquaristik (d.r.t.a) he extended his social network of aquaristic acquaintances and friends. For years now, he is has been a member of the German Cichlid Society (DCG), the VDA Working group dwarf cichlids (AKZ) and the International Society Barbs-Tetras-Loaches-Catfishes (IG BSSW), or their predecessor, the BSSW working group in the VDA. Together with his friend Ingo Seidel he organizes one of the largest catfish meetings - the International L-Number Days.

His interests are clearly on the underwater fauna of the South American continent, especially in the dwarf cichlids of the genus Apistogramma and the plecos. In the meantime, he have kept more than 25 different Apistogramma species, most of them he was also able to breed. But his largest passion, however, are the plecos and especially the genus Panaqolus, of which he currently keeps and breeds more than 10 species.

In 2008, for the first time, he has had the opportunity to experience his fosterlings live in the wild. He traveled with some friends to Suriname and the Brazilian state of Roraima. Meanwhile, he also went on expeditions to Peru, Brazil and with the company JBL he accompanied as one of the tour guides to Venezuela.

For more than 10 years he is now working as a specialist, author and speaker in aquaristic hobby. He gives his lectures at meetings or events of aquarium associations, specialized shops or at trade fairs at home and abroad. In 2016 he was on a three-week lecture tour in the US.

At the CAOAC Convention he will present his talks “Rio Xingu – a lost paradise?” and “Perú – Expeditions in the Amazonian Lowlands“.

Andy Turko

Andy Turko is a fish biologist and has been an avid aquarium hobbyist for over 20 years. He has a PhD in fish physiology from the University of Guelph, where he studied how some incredible tropical killifishes can survive in temporary pools by breathing air and living on land for months at a time. Andy has now turned his focus closer to home and is working to conserve endangered Canadian freshwater fishes in association with the University of Windsor, McMaster University, and the Toronto Zoo. A particular focus is the redside dace, Clinostomus elongatus, a brightly coloured minnow that was once abundant in Southern Ontario waterways but is now endangered. Andy will talk about the incredible natural history of this species, share some stories from research in the field, and discuss how a new captive breeding program is facilitating scientific discoveries that are being used to improve conservation outcomes for redside dace and other imperiled stream fishes.

Title of talk:
Doom, gloom, and a bit of hope: Conservation and captive breeding of endangered Canadian freshwater fishes


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