What is CAOAC? We are often asked this question. CAOAC stands for The Canadian Association of Aquarium Clubs. We are a non-profit corporation and are composed of member aquarium, reptile & amphibian, pond & water garden, and similar clubs or societies from across Canada.

CAOAC was founded in 1959 (incorporated in 1963) to allow the clubs to work together for their common good and the good of the hobby. Legislative issues, promotion of events, a judging system, national awards, assistance for new clubs, & liability insurance are just a few of the things on which clubs can work and benefit together. Recently, a Fish Rescue Program has begun. This has been developed with outside partners who also have an interest in our hobby and environmental issues.

Member Benefits

National awards program to honour those in member clubs who have achieved success in breeding, plant propagation, or other endeavours related to the hobby.

National judging program to train and certify judges as well as set standards that all can use to judge their shows.

Third-party liability insurance program to protect club members in case of an unfortunate accident at one of their functions.

National forum to express views and opinions.

National voice to deal with legislation which may impact negatively on our hobby and to put forward constructive ideas to politicians and bureaucrats.

A chance to become involved with people who share similar interests with yourselves.

If you are interested in joining CAOAC as a club or as a private (non-voting) member, please contact our Membership Chair, see under committees for link

In person meetings are held monthly (except July & August) in Waterdown, Ontario (unless otherwise posted) at the Optimist Hall where clubs which are within driving distance send their representative (s) to discuss issues of the day as well as the future. For those unable to attend, due to distance, joining via Skype is also an option. See our calendar for details.

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These are not like regular aquarium club meetings with speakers and programs but are business meetings with an executive and board of directors along with the club reps. Proxy votes received via post or email are also accepted. All clubs are sent the minutes of each meeting included in our Newsletter via email. Most issues of consequence are tabled for 60 days (or 2 meetings) so the clubs will have time to discuss them at their own executive meetings and respond before the vote is taken.

If you have any question please contact our Corresponding Secretary. Information can be found on the Executive page.

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