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Happy Valentine’s Day to all

All awards nominations are due at the February Meeting. So if you have any members in line for awards please submit them. The Awards Committee is looking forward to all the applicants for the awards to being submitted on time.

A very interesting meeting we had in January on different ideas that could be done to make the hobby more attractive to all and have CAOAC with the help from many try to do a lot of changes for the hobby. These ideas are great and all is good on paper but we need bodies to try to implement some or all of the suggestions. With a room full of people we had a lot of great ideas. We all felt a real positive vibration from all the conversations. A lot of great ideas for the Future’s Committee.

Please consult the calendar for events, as soon as you can get the info to Ann Stevens so she can get it updated. The Durham Aquarium Club is having Gary Lang speak at the Toronto Zoo with a very good meal I know we have enjoyed it every time we have gone.

First of all I would like to thank the Sarnia Aquarium Society for their donation to sponsor one of the speakers for the convention.

The CAOAC convention is fast approaching on the May long weekend. Check back often for updates. The CAOAC Executive are having a draw for early room booking and the winner will win a portrait by Ken McKeighan. We are also running a raffle at the meetings by selling 20 tickets for $5.00 each and as soon as that is reached we draw for a complete convention ticket. The latest winner was Ed Bosker, congrats this makes five winners so far.

Also the steering committee is looking for nominations for next year’s CAOAC Executive. So if you have an interest in joining by running you can get in touch with Peter DeSouza or Ann Stevens.

Candy is Dandy and it might help get that new tank in the fish room. Happy Valentine’s Day

Ron Bishop
President CAOAC


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