President's Message

November 2018

Visit us at the Toronto Christmas Pet Show.

Buy your tickets on line here and use coupon code caoacxmas2018 to get 50% off your ticket price

October has been an exciting month for CAOAC! We have been trying a few new things and so far, so good.

Our first attempt at bringing CAOAC to the clubs went well. It was an informal meeting with no Quorum but quite a few club members dropped by the chat and listen to our ideas. They also gave some really valuable feedback that I will definitely be bringing to the executive.

St. Catharine's Aquarium club at their Auction on November 4 will graciously host our next meeting at 10am.

Donít forget the clocks go back Nov 4 at 1 am so donít be late for the auction!
At the end of November (24) we will be trying something new, we have entered into a deal with The Pet expo at the International Centre in Mississauga.

We are asking that as many clubs in the area as possible send members to work at our booth. We will be arranging for free entry for our club workers and the clubs will be contacted to bring some fish to show. We have approx. 20 tanks to show off our fish-more details to follow at your local club meeting.

We will be selling some fish on the Saturday of the expo with all proceeds to go directly to CAOAC.

I will be sending info to the clubs in our area to make sure we are all ready for this huge opportunity.

See you at the St Catherines Auction!

December 9 meeting will be at :
Weston Lions Arena 2125 Lawrence Ave W, York, ON M9N 1H7.

See you soon! Nancy



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