President's Message

June 2019

Happy belated spring! Finally after what seems like a month long delay , our spring has finally arrived! We have all been out getting flowers and starting up our ponds again.
Our CAOAC Convention was a success and I am overwhelmed by all of the club participation we had.

Besides our Regular CAOAC show , we had the Betta Breeders Canada, The Southwestern Ontario Killie Society, Trans Canada Guppy Group and the Flowerhorn Society shows.

It was interesting to see all the hard work that all of you put into your hobby by breeding the best of the best!

We also had a very successful vendor room with with everything from Books to livestock to new foods to try out for our pets. Plus the interesting servey from the Govt. to participate in.

I wish to Personally Thank on Behalf of CAOAC all of our volunteers, without you this convention could never happen. From our runners at the auction, the members who organized the shows to our attendees!

There is so much behind the scenes work to organize and hold a convention- it takes an army of people who put in countless hours and all at their own expense.

To our Huge list of sponsors who gave many items for our auction and to our Financial supporters , A huge THANK YOU! We are so very grateful and appreciate each and every one of you.

Running and attending a convention is exhausting but then at the end we all say "Lets do it again but Bigger next year!!!

As for CAOAC, we will be holding the end of year BBQ at the Home of Peter DeSouza (RSVP to Peter Please) This is a very important meeting also as we have some unfinished business that must be decided at this meeting so your attendance is greatly appreciated.

The date is Sunday JUNE 23.

I wish to publicly give my heartfelt thanks to Ann Stevens and Ed Bosker who will both be leaving us to move on to a new endeavor that they are both devoted to . Ann and Ed- your work has been appreciated and we will miss you- Thank you!
See you all at the bbq and bring a snack !





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