President's Message

December 2018

Itís that time of year again, all the leaves are gone from the trees and the ground already has a bit of snow. Our outdoor ponds and fish barrels are all closed up snug for the winter.

November was a very exciting month for our clubs with the last of the shows and auctions taking place and a few great dinner speakers have been seen.

The Pet Expo in Mississauga went extremely well and CAOAC made some money! . We gave out hundreds of business card for many clubs and introduced our clubs to many new possible members. I was overwhelmed by the support that you- our clubs showed. We had over 20 club members from all over volunteer their time to work the booth. We also wish to thank the many members who donated fish to sell at our booth. Awesome job!!!

The holiday rush is now upon us. Itís hard to get a moment to spare. Try to take a few minutes of your day to sit in front of an aquarium, whether you have one or well, more than one (50). Sitting in front of that tank is good for you and also your fish. I donít mean the weekly water change, but just grab a coffee or any other kind of beverage, just sit there and watch those fish. Itís good to see how beautiful they are, how they interact in the tank, do they look well. Itís a great way to decompress from the stress and worries of our busy lives.

Our (Christmas Party) takes place
December 9. Meeting will be at:
Weston Lions Arena 2125 Lawrence Ave W, York, ON M9N 1H7.

January we will be back at Waterdown.

I hope to see as many of our reps and members as possible. We have loads to talk about and you donít want to miss out!

Please feel free to bring a little snack to share.

I want to wish all of our CAOAC Members and club friends
a Happy and Healthy Holiday Season!




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