President's Message

Happy St. Patrickís Day,

We had a meeting cancelled because of weather and sickness last month, it seemed we got hit in all directions. The steering committee has started to gather a list of different people for nominations for the executive for next year so if you have the time and interest have your name added to the list. Maybe we can get the people that have a lot of ideas about changing the way things are to take their opinions to the meetings so they can try to better our Hobby. The CAOAC Convention is gathering steam to the May Long Weekend a great line-up of speakers. Book your room early to make the deadline for the draw a painting done by Ken McKeighan and it is amazing like always. I have already booked the Friday off so we can get ready for the festivities.

The shows and auctions will soon be starting. This will give us a chance to meet with old friends and compete against them on the show floor or the auction floor. There is always lots of fun at whatever you are doing.

If your club has not sent a rep to the meetings you are missing out on all the news and goings on in the association. It opens doors to many with ideas and experiences and we can learn from the expertise of others. The CAOAC website is constantly being upgraded with information about all that CAOAC has to offer all the member clubs. Donations are always accepted for the raffle. Thanks to all who has donated in the past. Ed always has a great slow cooker full of hot food and always tastes great. A big thank you to him.

I would like to challenge all the Presidents out there to make a donation to the draw table at the convention. Anything you can do would be great and this gives everybody a chance to win at the banquet. They will be drawn after dinner. Again this is only done for some fun to be had by all.

If a little person dressed in green comes up to you and asks you to try something

Take a chance

Itís magically delicious

Happy Easter

Ron Bishop
President CAOAC


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