President's Message


November 2016

Lest we forget,

I hope everybody has had a chance to take in some of the Fall Auctions and Shows. The Kitchener-Waterloo Aquarium Society had their show in October. The turn out was alright but all in all there was some great fish. The Auction was well attended as well as lots of great bargains for all. The St. Catherine’s Auction will be next then Peel . The Societe D’Aquariophilic De Montreal will be holding their 47th Super Auction on November 13th in Montreal. Info is on their website and also the flyer has been posted. Looks like lots of fun and maybe you will find some different species of fish for your home aquariums. Lots of miles and lots of great deals. Then it is time to get ready for the cold and crappy weather and with all the new species to breed over the winter this is one of the exciting things about our hobby.

I would still like to see a few more faces at the CAOAC Meeting in Waterdown, as this is a great way to increase the communication between the clubs and find out what everybody is doing to help their club work and maybe get some fresh ideas to bring back to your own club. We had a few new faces at the last meeting but there were still a lot of empty chairs around the table. Remember an empty chair makes no noise and there are a lot of great ideas that are not being shared. It is very discouraging when you hear grumbling from the clubs that don’t make an appearance at the meetings. When you hear this stuff from somebody who was not there it has no bearing on those that were there. We had a great discussion from those in attendance last meeting and lots of great ideas came out. For those who don’t care to show up I guess you will have to put up with the ideas of those who show up. Once again Remember a empty chair makes no noise.

If there are any clubs out there that have changes in executive please get the new information to us so we can update our records.

A gentle reminder that membership & insurance dues are due in December. Please contact Barry McKee, Treasurer, if you have any questions.

December is also the deadline for the Author's Award. Please send your entries early to avoid disappointment.

The chill is in the air,
Time to enjoy the fall,

Ron Bishop
CAOAC President


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